40+MPH/Quiet 2016+ Gear Swap

If you haven’t found anyone that makes axles, Gorilla axles makes and sells both the shafts and the cv joints separately.

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how much are you asking?

Not for E6…

$850 plus shipping…

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You guys are Tempting me lol

This is GREAT news. I am brand new to this and about 90% there on picking up a used 2018 E4. Have been reading more and more that they are slow and hard to make faster.

I really appreciate all of everyone’s hard work and I don’t even have a GEM yet LOL.

The idea of having a quiet easy to install upgrade that can get a 2018 E4 to 40mph is just AWESOME!!

Cheers!! :beers:

Thanks for the tip, Tried them. They wanted $999 a pair for the naked axles. Slightly out of my comfort zone.


Do you have the specs or drawing for what’s needed. I think that I can find them. First thing they always want is a drawing.
Do you have axles that work? How about a reject that’s the right size?
Then I can send a sample to have copied.
I’m sure we could order 10 or 20 and have no problem moving them.

If I had a couple axles, I think I would try the pmac motor in my EL.
One time $999 is ok for testing if they are correct.

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Mike Newhouse has the first 10.35 Schafer/Rodney in his cart. He has helped me get the axle length sorted out.After 5 tries it is working fine. Gabriel Debre has purchased the 2nd. which I will ship next week. The current axle is a composite that I would like to improve. Next month I am getting more transmissions and axles to convert. I will make up a sample for you. I would expect to order in batches of 10.

I think Mike has one of your motors on his system.


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