22s samsung information needed

I’m making terminals bms to B-.
Can someone get me this measurement?


@ScottyD this why you should continue using value added bms from me. :slight_smile:
And the reason for the request. I have 5 bms kit that can ship today.
You can brake the long copper terminal to fit.

What is better? Crimp or solder? Both of course!

Looks like a smidge above deck is about 1.25 in.
If you want to float it up a bit you could probably go 1.5 in?

Do you need to be more accurate than this? I can go stick a square on it.

i remember seeing that piece and wondering what it was for. mystery solved.

Perfect, tnx. Now get back to work. :slight_smile:

I’m low on those and bulding my own OT copper terminals.
May not have made them long enough, but it’s the copper I had.