2019 GEM e2 after-market speed options

The only way I will buy a new 2019 e2 is with the ability to travel at least 35MPH. After several days of researching alternative after market options, like magnets and gears kits, I’ve been unable to find an option that appears to be readily available or easily installable. Any suggestions on other options would be greatly appreciated!!

You need different gears.

9.3 will give y 40+ MPH

12.3 will give you 33+ and not affect your range as much,

I have gears on order (12.3) if your interested email me rodneyadiehl@aol.com

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Is the diff in a 2019 gem same as the old ? what is the ratio ?

Drive System 17.05:1

Old_Houseboater, I emailed you about gears. I am interested. Thank you.