2018 Gem Spedometer Cluster issue

Please Assist if applicable,

On startup about 90% of the time my speedometer cluster stalls instead of clearing from left to right ( 0-60 ) and back to 0. I can trick it to work Normally by turning off and on real fast ( when stalling) to work as it should ex. read my mph/kmh, turn signals etc. Has anyone experienced this issue,or any ideas to fix please assist at your convenience. Thanks again!


Does the car turn on when you turn the key switch (meaning just the display doesn’t come alive)? You would know by putting it in reverse and hearing the reverse alarm come on or by tapping the throttle while in forward or reverse.

I would start by checking the display fuse (10 amp) on the 12v fuse block

Also… I don’t know why but this showed up as new in my email. I just noticed that you posted this almost a year ago. Hopefully you got it sorted by now!

MikeKC here on the fourm has a Speedo for your 18 PM and see what he wants for it

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Thanks for your response, I’m still experiencing the speedo issue unfortunately. What is your price for purchase? Thanks

Thanks for the response. I have normal power from start up, the issue is the needle stalls at 0-5mph ex. Needle jam and doesn’t refresh from the normal 0-60mph on ignition start up. Checking the fuses is a good idea. I do experience a normal start once out of 20-25 start ups so it’s very puzzling. Thanks again for your time


I have a basically brand new one. Came out of a 16’ GEM that had maybe 10 - 20 miles on it.
I take less than half price 175.00 - PM me if you are interested.

Sounds good thanks for the family discount Michael.

I think it is missing the black rubber button cover, but you can take that off your old one.
Send me 100.00 on paypal mikenewhouse at gmail.com (friends and family)

Send me your shipping address:

When you get it and your happy, paypal me the rest.