2016 Gem E4 - Radio - Constant 12V

I have searched and searched and have not had any luck finding info on where to connect the yellow wire for my aftermarket radio. Everything works and sounds great but as soon as I turn off the Gem and then turn it back on, the radio goes into demo mode and the clock and bluetooth memory is erased. Would really like to find an easy way to connect to something that keeps a constant 12V. Would prefer not to add an additional battery or wire direct to one of the Gem batteries.

Please help

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Son of a gun!!! Thank you for that very helpful post. I had found the instructions online to install the Gem offered radio and speakers. Thought I followed that perfectly. Also thought when I first looked at your pic that “whatever, already tried that” but upon looking and reading more closely, I have the red and yellow wires from the radio flip flopped.

For some reason I thought the yellow would go to ACC. Thought that was the post that got constant 12V. I put the red wire on the + post think that would only be on when the key was on. Looks like all I have to do is swap those and I should be good to go.

Thank you very much!!

What year is yours ?

Hi, My Gem E4 is a 2016.

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Just wanted to update this thread that I swapped the yellow and red wires and badda boom badda bing. Now as soon as I turn on the Gem the radio still has all the same presets I programmed and most importantly the bluetooth is saved. It syncs right up with my iphone and starts playing music immediately. I’m very happy. Thank you again for your help!!

thanks for info nice to hear :slightly_smiling_face: :+1: