2015 GEM Dash doesn't turn on with the key

If you want to go the next level,
I helped a guy double check his car by injecting 12v into the PDSM on J4 (where the DCI hooks up). Everything woke up and the car ran fine.

Do you happen to have a stray battery, a 10a fuse, and a few small insulated alligator clips that’ll fit in and grab the pins in the J4 socket, that guy’s prosthetic leg, a popsicle stick and some chewing gum?

I can probably check that. I’ll see if I can do it in the next day or so. I’ll probably just hold the wires on there so I’ll get an extra set of hands to help.

I can ground to chassis right? So just the red pin to batt. and batt ground to chassis.

On second thought doing both ways (ground to - pin, and ground to chassis) would tell if there were a bad ground in the 12v loop.

I’ll probably just hold the wires on there

Depending on your coffee intake and how well you did on that classic old game of “Operation” I’d rather not have you do this. It’s tight in there and it will do more than light up the patient’s nose if you slip.

red nose

In case you didn’t pick up on it - Use the fuse on the feed if you are using a battery.

I would also use the -12v feed(rather than chassis gnd) just like the DCI would. I can’t guarantee the PSDM would get a ground backfed properly in one of the other circuits.

This handles any PSDM -12v Neg needs, but I think you do also need to run a wire from the battery(-) to chassis Gnd for external 12v accessores.

For full 12v Acc test, you also need to insert 12v(Pos) into the first two pins (white wires).

Haa, got it, I do remember that game. Unfortunately I was better at it than the 360 in 1.

Yeah I’ll check on this.

I have new DeltaQ chargers with 12v converters. $650. Need your old one as exchange. These are also upgradeable to lithium in the future.

That’s great! How do I order.

Ok, here’s the update. All the issues are fixed. Massive thanks to all of you for your time and input. The DeltaQ was the problem, Mike - LithiumGods got me a new one sorted out. He ended up finding water damage inside the old one. The motor also works now after driving it around the block.

These two fixes combined saved me an estimated $1800 (not including labor). That’s awesome!

Thanks for coming back to update your thread for the archives.

I should have charged more! Enjoyed talking with you and look forward to meeting next time i’m in Miami.