2015 contactor will not engage

Ok the Neverending car. Now I have a new motor. However the contactor will not engage so I can’t get power to the motor. Also have wrench symbol on the display. Any thoughts.

The wrench symbol is an indicator that you left a wrench in the car somewhere when you were working on it.

There may also be a code displayed on your LCD dash pod instead of a speed.

Note: Any further questions will be ignored until you answer the questions left hanging.

Okay so let me try this again because I’m getting all over the place I have to error codes 51 and 66. So I’m assuming that has something to do with the transistors in the controller. As for the other motor it was American Motor Inn Drive I’m working on an E6 I’m located in northeast Pennsylvania and generally I sell these cars this is a side project right now for my boss so I have a million other things going on and I’m trying to get a better knowledge of these cars

Ok, It is important to be accurate.
Are we talking the cooked motor at the shop or the one you just now installed?
Maybe that was a 7 AMD? Was it black? If so- Rodney was looking for parts on this very same motor not too long ago.

  1. So (I’m guessing) It sounds like you took my advice and pulled another motor out of one of the other project cars? Or is this actually a NEW motor as implied in your post?
    What was that car you pulled this motor from? Same as this (2015 e6?)
    (Keep in mind that this car was probably not functioning either when it was pushed into the corner)

Did you give it a quick look before installing into this car? How did it look?

  1. A 66 is Field current High. Did you get all the wires hooked up to your motor and in the correct spots? Field wires are the little ones. We might need to put a meter on the field coils and see if they are dead shorted or shorted to ground. Is this motor the same as the other one?

Okay I have to get a picture of the motor it was a black motor Advanced Motors and drives. I took a motor from another car so it’s an older motor I did have it turn on at one point before I got the error codes and was able to get it to go in reverse but I still get that filled current High code every time now when I turn it on the field wires are hooked up in the right position. Now it’s not the same motor this one is a g e

Yea if the motor is good and the wires are correct a 66 error is the sign of a bad controller -
Here is a long thread on 66 error: I fixed once but it was not fun

Do you have a meter handy?
Take the cables off the motor and measure. Since it is working with high current, it is sometimes difficult to see it as anything other than a dead short, but it’ll usually show a couple of ohms.

Motor test

  1. A1 TO A2 should show a few ohms (~005)
  2. F1 TO F2 should show a few ohms (~005)
  3. ALL THE ABOVE TO CASE should show nothing (OL)
  4. F’s TO A’s should show nothing. (OL)
  5. ANY DEAD SHORTS motor is toast. (000)
    All tests with motor disconnected from control.

What is that car you pulled this new motor from? Is it close in generation? Look at the part # tag and the last two characters will tell you what model ot is. Hopefully it is a T4. Do you feel like pulling the controller out and moving it to this car also?

Thank you motor appears to be fine. Tested ok. I got kicked out of the shop early today so I’m going to have to pick up where we left off tomorrow. When I stop driving I want to post a little more info for you so you understand even better