2013 gem e6

How do I remove the govenor to make the vehicle go faster?

I didn’t think GEMs had a conventional governor like you would have on a gas golf cart for example. I believe to increase the speed you have to re-program the controller.


or put different gears in it…

Yep, the motor-controller has setpoints in it that limit the speed to meet government regulations (25 MPH). You can change the gear ratio, put on larger diameter tires/wheels, or reprogram the controller for higher speed. All methods will result in an inaccurate speedometer/odometer on the newer models. Only the older ones (2002 for example) can have corrections programmed into them to make the speedometer and odometer correct.

Another method is to replace the magnet in the speed sensor with either a 6-pole or 4-pole replacing the 8-pole one that’s standard. That will fool the controller into thinking it’s going slower than it really is and allow for higher speeds. Of course the speedometer/odometer will be off by the same ratio as the changes you make to virtual gearing in this manner.