2011 Gem Car Error 15 Not Moving

Have a 2011 Gem car been sitting for a year put new wet cell batteries in it all electrical accessories functioning except Cart will not move no click on gas pedal. Code 15 showing on errors. Could this be a controller issue or solenoid issue. Im new to the Gem world. Any help or steps would be appreciated. Thank you

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Code 15 is actually a low battery issue.
Did you just recently put these batteries in? or has it been a while since install? (sitting off charger)

If fresh batteries - check them carefully. It is real easy to get one wired up bass ackwards.
If you have a voltmeter check pack volts at each end and make sure you have better than 68v (I think that is the lower voltage threshold).

Start at one end of the chain and follow each wire to the next. Visually and electrically. One meter lead on the end of the chain and jump to the next battery. It should go up for each battery as you go down the chain.

Also do a volt check on the B+ and B- terminals at the controller.

Report back with what you find and it will direct where to go next.

I’m gonna try that thank you these are brand new wet batteries I will let you know !

Would this be a reason why vehicle is not moving ? Have power to everything besides movement. Can the low voltage cause the vehicle not to move ?

For sure. There are several errors that will cause the car to fail the safety check. Code 15 is one of them.

The DC-DC converter is a separate module and not tied to the safety system. Apparently there is enough power to make it happy so it is converting power to 12V for your accessories.

I guess it doesn’t care about your safety.

Lol I will test voltage and wires first let you know thanks for guidance. I was a club car guy for years I knew them inside out the Gem is all new to me.

All new batteries tested between 14 and 12.8 volts except one tested at 10.7. Bad battery ? Or wire configuration wrong ? Assuming this is the cause for error code 15 ?

Yes- that would do it.
That would be the one.

But I am also curious as to the reason for the radical swing of 14 to 12.8 on the rest of the batteries. This also indicates a problem.

A properly balanced pack means that every battery should be fairly close to the same voltage +/- maybe 0.1v.
When you were gathering these readings was it charging or fresh off charge?

When you said “these are brand new wet batteries” can you be more specific?

  1. What is the date on them?
  2. What batteries are they exactly?
  3. Have you checked the water in them recently?
  4. Have you ever accidently let one or more cell get low?
  5. Do you have any 12v accessory wires conveniently tapped into anywhere on this pack?

Yes the voltage range I agree is strange I’m going to replace the one battery and take new readings. Unfortunately due to budget issues I had to go with the Costco marine batteries. When I tested voltage cart was not plugged in. To my knowledge no other cables connected to batteries. I can take picture of configuration and send it to you if you see anything strange if necessary. I’ll remedy the one battery first. Batteries two weeks old from Costco.

Costco Marine Batteries Interstate 27DC

Oy vey…

That’s only an 88Ah battery. Your cart’s range will be very limited and only get worse as the batteries age. Maybe 10-12 miles to start if I had to guess.

Problem resolved ! It was the battery and the cables were configured incorrectly! Yes it’s only an 88ah battery budgets stink but what I’m working with will get me around my property. I strongly appreciate all the assistance ! Huge help !!!

Nice work!
Keep an eye on those volt levels. If they are out of whack, boost the low ones with a car charger and bring it up to the level of the others. This is called balancing. Hopefully they stay up. It’s a little bit of work but a balanced pack works best and has a longer life.