2011 e6 going 82 then 81

I just bought this in the prior owner had tried getting the controller rebuilt and found a couple of cracked wires on the motor. But the motor would still go 82 then 81. I went to check the tach sensor and found it was melted. I was afraid to swap it out yet. could this be a bad rubber motor bumper? @Inwo @Old_Houseboater

Melted tach magnet is usually the result of someone over shimming the rubber bumper to cure a noise problem or a bad bearing in the motor, This causes the end cover to heat up and melt the magnet. If you run it to long like this it will destroy the small bearing on the end of the input shaft which will then destroy the transmission. NEVER shim the rubber bumper more than a dime. New bumpers are about 7 bucks. If you have noise and a new bumper wont cure it your next step is a input shaft kit.

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