2008 e4 transmission

I mistakenly asked this question on the wrong forum so please forgive this if it’s redundant. After seeing Grant’s posts on YouTube I looked over my Spicer transmission for a fill tube. My GEM has a small leak at the junction of the motor and transmission. I’m worried about excessive gear wear. Can I add oil to my transmission? How?


The small leak is failure of the input shaft seal. The fill point is a rubber plug on the sheet metal pan on the bottom of the transmission. Pry it out with a screw driver and replace oil until it starts to run out. 80/90 gear oil is a good replacement oil.


Do you sell that seal?


What year is your cart. Earlier carts used a bearing with that had seals built in. The Toyo bearing is no longer available. The current available 6005RS bearing IS NOT a sealed bearing and WONT, stop the leak. I sell an expensive replacement bearing doesn’t leak for $40. If you have the latest version of the seal type., Order one of these from Ebay.

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