2005 Master Brake Cylinder

I need to replace a leaking master brake cylinder and reservoir for a 2005 G.E.M. EV2. Old part # 0611-00411. New (Polaris) part # 1911862. Polaris no longer manufactures this part. I also need a brake light switch for the same car, which is available from a Polaris store nearby, but in case you have a new one, the old part # is 0606-00241, new # is 4013632 for the brake light switch. If you have both, I would get both from you, to save on shipping (maybe).

Take the switch to a parts store, has to be a relatively generic part and see if they’ll match it.

Did you find your master cylinder for your 05 Gem Car?
I was looking also and found 2 if you still need it. I can send you the contact info

Yes, please! So glad I looked in Spam folder and found your reply! Thanks so much, Carol Long

I have a 2005 e2 that needs a Master Brake Cylinder also, hope you can help
email me at (d.letterman55@gmail.com)