2005 GEM battery display on dash always shows single red line

When I bought my GEM it was dead, dead, dead so even if I got the smallest of charge to enable the dash to light up it still showed a single red solid bar.
Once I started getting the lithiums in there and doing some testing I figured I’d see the dashboard battery meter go up but it still shows one single, sad, red line even with fully charged batteries.

Where should I be looking to fix this one? A controller issue? Potentially a disconnected wire someplace for thi function?
I’ve checked individual cells and they are all exactly at 4.1 with no dead or low cells so I don’t think it’s that. What do the pros say?

I did some searching but must have missed the right keywords, good call.

Tried it, did it, fixed it. Done.

You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.

Try resetting the SOC setting.

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YEp. @Inwo linked to that. Worked perfect. Thank you both.


hey diymatt,
i been doing what you said about reseting the SOC,.
but when i put it back in charge after loosing couple Green Bar its stay where i left but the charger shows the green light …
i must redo the action dayly !!
why is it doing that, my batterie are brand new and original GEM Deka gel maintenance free

Just taking a stab in the dark here, but the batteries are in fact getting charged right? You’ve put a meter on them?

yes they are getting charge and i do the daily 20 to 25 miles like i always did the display stop showing the statue of charge one day for no reason i do it manually like you said every day to keep a track and put the trip to 0 but its getting annoying i’m pretty sure its something in the setting ??
do you have any other option in the odometer i could change …
like batt or a other one than the SOC.

You could add periods here and there. That might help.

Not sure Ben. Maybe one of the more seasoned veterans around here has a tip.

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The Gem needs the interlock open to register charging. (green wire)

ahah sorry for the periods and comma missing, thanks for your help hopefully somebody has a tip.

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Hey Inwo,
how do i leave the interlock open?
Do you mean by unplugging the green wire ??

Yes, the charger should do this. Is the interlock working?
Car wont run when plugged in.

good morning I am having a similar problem had to replace charger because let friend use my 2005 el and when he went to charge plug into same place as the freeze in his garage opps there went the charger smoked anyhow i replaced it with quick charger works great but i show yellow cord on dash and wont go no were wont drive

hey inwo,
yes the interlock does work i can not drive the car once its plug in !!!
but the display screen is not showing the charging statue just the wire plug drawing in low contrast .