2002 gem car code 66

I have a 2002 gem car with a code 66 i can hear the latch switch when i take off the park brake but it unlatches right away any ideas

Likely cause. A transistor in the controller is shorted.
A diy job for an electronic techie.
Or an expensive rebuild.
@Old_Houseboater may do exchanges or have them rebuilt.

I might be able to repair, I have the parts in stock as I was going to fix one but when I got it open… Holy Moly one whole side of the controller was melted down, all Mosfets had at least two legs burnt off and the entire inside of the controller was black soot.

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what’s the cost to repair the controller and who do I ship it with
Thanks Mark

Is it a T2 (2002)? as I have never worked on one of those but happy to try. If I can’t fix it or my repair does not work not charge. If it works, don’t know if I really need anything. Pay it forward. Maybe 30 bucks for the parts +shipping.

@Inwo, are the T2’s like the T4’s in that the mosfets are in-line? Never had a T2 open before.

I think they are similar. A rebuilt one that I opened was potted.

@markg - Did you want me to take a look at your controller??

I have a code 66. just reinstalled the rebuilt controller from FSIP and it is still throwing a error code 66 anyone have any thoughts. It is a 2002 with new batteries

66 is a controller error - send it back to FSIP