2002 E835 Owners Manual

I recently bought a 2002 Gem but no owners manual came with it.

Is it worth getting one? Or, does it contain info like “to start put key in ignition and turn on”, “don’t drive sideways on 20% grades” etc.

If I should get one, are they available as downloads on line? I haven’t been able to locate a site.

Thanks for your time.


here you go Paul… hope this helps


Thanks Bob, great help.


old post, but do you still have the manual?

hi mpz1… you can find manuals at www.GEMcarpartsdirect.com or on the Polaris.com site… I like the GEMcarpartsdirect site as it also has a chat box and they have a toll free number… the contact is Karen although the guy who answers at times is pretty good… it is the parts dept of a GEM dealership in Fla… they either have the part on hand and can ship or can order it thru the Polaris warehouse to be drop shipped…


Thanks Bob. Great site

Hi Bob, can you send me manual 2002 e825?

hi Steve… try the Polaris gem website