2001 Gem Shock Extension Bracket

I have a 2001 Gem with a 7.5 hp motor. It’s ever so slightly larger than the stock motor and it rubs against the shocks. Over time, it’s pushed the top of the wheels outward creating major wear on the outside of the tire. I discovered all this when attempting to get the tires replaced. I tried NEV Accessories, who sell an extension mounting bracket as seen at https://www.nevaccessories.com/GEM-CAR-SHOCK-EXTENSION-MOUNTING-BRACKET/productinfo/GEM-SEMB/

Unfortunately, NEV is out of stock and not sure when they will fabricate more. Anyone heard of this problem? Are there alternative solutions? Smaller diameter shocks? Another bracket? Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks.

For a $165 + shipping, I’d make my own. Do you have any welding or fabrication skills? I’d suggest getting some rectangular tubing from a local metal or welding shop and cut it to make a set. If you can’t get the perfect size tube and can’t weld, get tubing that’s bigger and use washers or plate steel to fill the gap. If it’s too much for you to do then I’m sure you can get a welding shop to make them and it would be cheaper than NEV.