2000 Gem - No Power


I have a 2000 Gem that just got back from the dealer for multiple recalls. Everything worked when I got it back on Friday. On Saturday, I went to go pull it on Saturday, turn the key and nothing. I do not hear the relay when turning the key.

If I turn off the Master Switch and turn it back on the display shows and then goes off.

Any ideas?

Is it still plugged in and charging?

Next would be verifying the key was working properly.

Was it into dealer for the converter and park brake recall?

Are you handy with a meter?

I am handy with a meter.

It’s unplugged now.

It just got back from the dealer for all of the recalls including the converter.

I am working with JZPD off list. Running through the basics.
Since this has just returned from the dealer for the converter recall, This should be something simple.

Will report back.