2000 GEM el for parts

[B]Update[/B]: Sold

I bought one of two GEM el’s that were at the Worcester, MA municipal auction. Look on ebay for the other one from the auction where I got mine. ebay Item # 330877331874
2000 Gem E285 Electric Car Truck | eBay

It’s missing a lot of parts including the hood, controller and wiring but has a charger, drive-train and DC-to-DC converter. It’s listed as being in Dudley, MA but it’s really at

Brooks Brothers Used Auto
69 Armory St, Worcester, MA 01603
Phone: (508) 792-6211

He’ll probably sell the whole thing for $500 if you call him and tell him your heard about it from me and not ebay. I’m the guy who got the other one at the Worcester DPW auction.

Or I could buy it and strip it for parts. Any interest in the group for 2002 GEM parts?

Bob in MA