2 light Bulbs in side the headlight housing?

My 2015 E4 headlight housing has 2 light bulbs inside. The Large one has 2 filliments one for high and one for low beam. But then you have this little light bulb off to the side that stay on regardless of high or low beams being on.

Cool. You must have the LE special edition. Does it have the grey or black steering pod?

not sure what a steering pod is?

Aka Instrument cluster. It got the nickname from Its looks.

Btw i was puling your leg. The classic gems used fog / driving lights as headlights. That little lamp is for illumination of corrners / extra beam pattern up close to the car.

I always thought that was the early version of a Daytime Running Lamp.
Just because you poke a light bulb through a reflector doesn’t make it throw light out the front.

Or it could be that. Gem headlights suck ass anyway so the frst thing i have always done to my gems was replace all the incadesent lights with led. For the classic bodies that meant shitcan the entire headlight assembly so i didn’t play with it that much.