1700 watt Kalori heater / battery discharger

Surplus new heaters for 72v Gems etc.
I tested at 120vac and seems to be ok.
Use for fast battery discharging. Draw 20 amps at 72v - 12vdc for fan required.
Kelec EV01 E 12v/80v

For $100 i might even click on that and I don’t even think I need one!!!
It might be fun!
Looks like one needs to get creative with the output if you want to do some ducting/directing.

Send me $35 shipping and ill send my sample for you to figure out.
Needs some reverse engineering unless specs are online.
4 parts with wires:
Limit switch of some kind in front of fins. 2 small wires right in pic.
Lastly is maybe a fan/limit switch with 1/4" quick connects. 3 or 4 connected to a harness

Also has control panel with cable to air flow dampers, etc

These were oem units from our favorite “mycar” business failure

Have you tried it with 48v batteries?

No but it would work. 80/48 less watts.
1700w /80 = amps
80v rating/amps= ohms
48v/ohms= amps at 48v.
If i did that right.
Respectably discharge rate at lower voltage in any case.
But much less heat.