10.3 for 12.4 -wanna swap

have a 2005 E4 with 1600 miles on it. The area I use the car in is very hilly and I would like to swap my 10.3 differential for a 12.4 ratio. The 10.3 would give better speed if traveling on level ground. anyone interested please post here or PM me.
Patrick 404-295-6024

I also live in very hilly country.
2002 E4 Blue motor, I put 12" low profile wheels and tires front and back.
The stock 12" stand 3" taller then my Low pros.
This set up gave me all kinds of power.
You could put low pro 12s just on the front. for same effect.

Good idea. Unfortunately I have to live with the oversize tires my wife picked out …and loves!! Probably makes the situation even worse.