06 e2 par car or project car for sale

Not sure how many of you have heard my tale of woe. Long story short, Bought 6 new polaris batteries 7 months ago from Performance East in Goldsboro NC. Brought it home drove it for a few days and the batteries went bad. Back to Performance. Last week they called to tell me they couldn’t find what was wrong with the car. I picked it up brought it home (broken head light, cracked front fender, dash not put all the way back together) not a happy camper.
I do not have the knowledge or desire to undertake this. I am hoping there is someone out there that does. I will entertain almost any offer. The stake bed is brand new, The trunk box is original and has a broken lock. It has a blue max motor and 14" wheels and tires. When it ran it would top out about 33 mph. I am near Raleigh NC.

Sorry to hear this Chet. Is this the one that was trapped at your mechanic/dealer for (many?) months because they closed down due to the pandemic?

Are you handy at all with minor hand tools and a meter?

Yes, they worked on it for 6 months than said they can’t fix it.
Handy yes, electrical not at all. I also don’t have the desire.

I’ve been wanting one for years. Have you sold it yet? I’m right in Durham currently. I’m also a 4.8/5 hammer DIY guy with zero EV experience so it might be pretty fun to learn on a project.