Zero Emissions Car

I propose that if you want a zero emissions car you cant look at electric unless you look to the hydrogen fuel cell (like Honda) electric cars (normally) will charge from the wall; where does that electricity come form? Coal? Nuke? Perhaps a Dam… but not much of it will be “Zero Emissions” :sad::sad::sad:

Jason you need to do a little homework.

Although hydrogen is the most abundant element on earth, it does not exist in a natural form, it has to be made.

Hydrogen is not energy source it is a carrier meaning a negative EROI just like a battery in an EV.

Now you need to ask yourself how is hydrogen made, and then your theory goes to the crapper. The most efficient and economic method is to crack it from fossil fuels like natural gas or petroleum. Problem is cracking it from fossil fuel is less efficient than just burning it in a engine or making steam to generate electricity. Not to mention the waste3 products are greater than just burning it to start with.

The second method of making hydrogen is electrolysis. This is even a bigger negative than cracking it from fossil fuels because of the efficiency. The best system is top secret held by Electric Boat at around 50%. For home brewers around 15%, and for industrial around 30%. A terrible waste of resources, not too mention guess where that electricity comes from to make it? FWIW a battery is about 80% efficient, hydrogen cannot compete with that…

A hydrogen economy will never get off the ground, it is too dangerous, inefficient, and expensive.