‘Win a Chance to Drive a Tesla’ Writing Contest

2010 Tesla Roadster – Want to go for a ride?

High Gear Media is ready to put you in the driver’s seat of the 2010 Tesla Roadster Sport. All you need to do–tell us what you think about cars. We’ll publish your article on one of more than 70 sites in the High Gear Media network–and one lucky winner — the person with the skills — will get the chance to drive and write about the Tesla Roadster Sport from their hands-on road test. Check out all the contest info, read below and show us what you can do.

Some tips on writing a winning post:

* Write! It just takes one post to be a winner. The more entries you produce, the better your chances of winning.

* Make it brief — but not short. We’re looking for articles longer than 250 words.

* Keep it focused. You can write at length about your current car, your dream car, or the auto industry in general–but stay on the topic.

* Make sure your facts are in order. Our editors write about cars all day long. Opinions are great–if you have the facts to back them up.

* Grammar counts. We’re looking for writers who know their way around the English language. Check your spelling, your verb tenses, and your sentences for punctuation and proper usage.

* No cheating. We use a few tools to detect stories that have been published elsewhere, by other sources. Any article that plagiarizes material from other sources, doesn’t cite quoted sources, or improperly uses copyrighted material will be disqualified.

* Don’t forget the visuals. Our publishing system gives you access to a vast library of car photos. Choose one or a few to use with your post for maximum impact.

Some ideas for entries:

* The future of the car: is it powered by electric, hybrid, diesel, or good old gasoline? Describe your vision of the future.

* Review your car: Tell us why you chose your current vehicle, other cars you considered, and why you made your choice.

* In the news: report on a story from the auto industry–and make sure to identify the year, make and model of the car or cars relevant to the story.

* Compare cars: Tell us why two cars are alike, or similar–and why you’d recommend one over the other to family and friends.

* Today and yesterday: Own a classic from the past? Explain to High Gear Media’s readers how your classic compares to the same nameplate sold today.

* Car advice: Found an easy way to get good service for less? Or when to maintain your car for the upcoming season? Share your expertise with others.

* Car technology: Know how the latest technology helps drivers, and what they need to know before they shop? Lend your brain to other car shoppers and let them know why anti-lock brakes, stability control or Bluetooth help them become better drivers.

Have ideas? Give it a Shot!