Will it happen?

Will the i3 ever hit the market? Check it here

I picked up my range extender i3 today, so yes they definitely exist. The waiting list for Europe is now out to November - 8 months.


Hi Geoff

I think that BMW has played the electric vehicle market perfectly, waiting until demand increases and then introducing vehicles which do not lose sight of the company’s reputation for high-quality products.

It’s certainly innovative & I realised it is not restricted by being made on a production line created for IC cars - which all the other offerings are [except Tesla I assume].

The initial impression is excellent, but it did break down - or at least demand we visited the dealer immediately on the 4th day of ownership. They re-installed the software & it seems fine now.

The range extender version is justifiably popular as it cures range anxiety completely - and one simply works to not get it to kick in…


Hi Geoff

I would be very interested to hear your ongoing experience of the BMW i3 (and I think many other people would as well). BMW seem to have sneaked up on the inside rail without their competitors noticing but that is certainly changing now.

Just shows, it does pay dividends to wait and see how the market is developing before jumping in.