Why is the battery plant so important?

Even though the various electric cars which are hitting the worldwide market have grabbed the attention of the news media there is no doubt that the battery power for these vehicles is an essential element. The technology for electric cars has been around for literally hundreds of years although one of the main drawbacks in recent times has been battery technology.

There have been significant improvements in battery technology over the last few years which have allowed the electric car market to prosper although it has yet to hit the mass market and make a significant dent into the more traditional vehicle market. However, a £200 million investment into the battery plant in Wearside gives the impression that Nissan is potentially looking at the UK as a base for its electric car manufacturing.

On a more sombre note for the UK (but a positive point for the European electric car market) it is worth noting that Nissan has also set up a new electric car battery plant in Portugal which could offer competition for the UK operation, even though the UK has a very successful historic partnership with Nissan and other Far Eastern car manufacturers.

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