What AWG battery wire gauge is standard for 2016-2022 Gems? What is reccomended for upgraded motors?

I’m changing battery packs on a 2018 Gem from (4) 12V AGM to (8) 6v AGM and need cables. I’ve seen the older models get by with AWG #6, (but really should be AWG #4 minimum according to the blogs read). I know my 2014 has AWG #2 gauge. But no description on the 2018 battery cables. AWG 2/0 is easily obtained, but is it overkill? Am I wasting money?

Dusting off the Physics book using Kw=1.34 Hp and Power=VI, (5.0 Hp motor and 48V system) I get 139.5 amps. So it looks like AWG 1/0 is the correct wiring. Anyone else have a better idea?

I use 1/0 for all my AC conversions from the controller to the motor. For the battery, we have used stock GEM battery cables all the way up to 100v. Probably not correct but never had an issue.

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I have a 2018 GEM with factory AGMs. I went out and measured the battery cables running between the individual batteries with a caliper. With insulation, they measure 0.523” which makes them 2/0. I looked carefully to see if the size was listed anywhere on any of the wires but I could not see any. The wires running from the front to the batteries were also 0.523”.

I hope this is helpful, good luck on your project.

I should have noted that my pack is made up of (8) 6v batteries.

Yes, my wires also are not marked with AWG. Earlier years are. Thanks for measuring them! :smile:

I believe they are 2/0, they are thicker than the old ones because they run at lower voltage and more amps,