Welcome to EvMan

I would like to welcome my friend and co-owner of the site EvMan to the moderating section. EvMan, aka Martin, has extensive knowledge of the forum industry and runs his own successful forums.

While primarily he will be working on expanding the current car club section, and attracting new vendors, Martin will also be moderating, welcoming new members and participating in discussions right across the forum.

I will let Martin fill you in on his hopes and plans for the future.

Thanks for the introduction and kind words Mark!

Hey guys, it’s great to be here and I’m excited for the future of EV forum. It’ll be great to get to know you all in due course and I’ll try not to step on people’s toes along the way.

I’m very respectful of how you guys are running things as a team and I like what I’ve seen so far. I certainly won’t be coming in with any Gung Ho antics :slight_smile:

A little about me… I’m 43 and live in the SouthWest United Kingdom with my Wife and 12yr old Son. I’m the Co Owner of a couple of existing community forums so hopefully I can bring some ideas along that will be good for EV Forum.

I’m hoping to help bolster the online presence and reputation of this already great community with a few key ideas and implementations as we move forward.

Mark has already told me about what a great team of people he has here, so it’s an honour and a pleasure to meet you all!

Thanks guys


Hey Martin welcome aboard.


Thanks for the welcome Rodney, it’s great to meet you !