Wattana - Motor Mount

We’re back! I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since we last tinkered with the Wattana bike, sorry life got in the way. Here is the latest update to the Wattana website. It is a page on how we are attempting to mount the Mars ME0709 DC 72 volt 125 amp motor on this red 2001 Suzuki Katana GSX600F. No excuses but the website is hosted by Comcast and uploading files and pictures using their Personal Web Pages file manager is horrific. Funny story one of my friends helping us out rode accross the country on his motorcycle and ran into a guy in Florida who was talking to him about the website and our build, and my friend goes dude I know that guy. So this is pretty cool gives us the much needed kick in the butt to get this project done. By the way we’re in Sacramento, California, if you’re local look us up.

Wattana - Moch II