Update on battery test

Placed car on jack stands and did the load test.
Results…start. 80v
After 76v
So to confirm I recharged batteries and then let them sit for 24 hours. Then put them on the load tester.

Appears my problem is not related to the batteries.
Moving to next in line
Thanks for the interest

Maybe I’m missing something but when did those 1-6 numbers happen? During the load test I would expect much lower numbers.
How much of a load was put on them? Were you just running the car in place? I think you missed the part where you were supposed to drag the brake… HARD. As in → stop the front wheels and mash the accel pedal.

If after load test they would be good numbers but they actually add up to 78.5


Why are you creating a new discussion entry every time you post here?

The preferred way to do this is to keep adding to your initial post as long as it is on the same topic.
ie, if you started a post about a problem and posted with a good title( 2003 GEM e4 stops after 5 miles )
and we’ve asked a series of questions to help narrow down to where the problem is then just keep posting to the same/initial topic. This way others who have you problem can see the progression, see the testing options, results and direction of the solution. Posting all these separate posts provide nothing for any future GEM users who would have a similar problem since there’s no connection to why you are posting a list of battery voltages.

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Sorry for any confusion……I’ll retract this discussion.
Thanks for the input