UC Berkeley class project

Hi There,

I am Caroline, a Ph.D. student at UC Berkeley. For the past 3 years I have researched optimization methods to charge/discharge Electric vehicles and integrate them safely in the distribution grid.

For a class project I need to interview EV drivers to understand how you ‘actually’ charge your EV, and how we could help drivers through smart-charging methods.
Please take 1 minute to answer this short survey:

(And let me know if you are interested in seeing the results)


Several students ask our members for their input from time to time. Some of the members participate.

In the past none of the students published their findings on the Forum upon completion of their project. Please take the opportunity to be the first.


Hi !
I will post the results, it’s already quite interesting .
Also, let me know if you have any advice to reach EV drivers online.

Thank you all for your help!