Trade Linksback for doors

I have a Linksback with ball & club washer that came on my 2009 E2 that I would like to trade for a set of doors. Or I could sell it outright & purchase doors. Located in AR

is this still available?

Yes, it is! We have it stored in the garage. I will sell it outright or trade for something we can use since we don’t golf.


What is your asking price and where are you located in Ark? I might want to drive to pickup if we come to a deal. I live in SE Kansas.

I would take $250 for it if I didn’t have to hassle with shipping it. I live near Little Rock.


I’m good with the price if I come to get it or I have a friend in north
Little Rock area. Which side of LR are you on? I might be able to have
him pick up for me since he comes to Coffeyville,Ks every week to visit
family here.

I’m south of LR & 6 miles east of Sheridan.

I’ll let you know after I talk to him Monday. Thank you.

I’m going up to Clinton to camp from Wednesday thru Saturday.

Thank you. No hurry on my end. If I buy it ,I can pick it up or my
friend can possibly anytime. I’ll let you know Monday one way or the