Top 5 Drones early 2017

A look at the top five drones in early 2017:

  1. DJI: Inspire 2
  2. Typhoon: Yuneec Typhoon H
  3. DJI: Mavic
  4. 3DR: SOLO
  5. Autel Robotics: X-Star

I am suprised the GoPro Karma did not make the list. In all fairness, it was released late in the year…(?)

The drones market has taken a while to “take off” (lol)

I expect far tighter regulations in the future - what does everyone else think?

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I’ve observed the same thing. What puzzles me more is that the number of manufactures sold in larger retail stores has increased. More makes but not exactly a huge increase in sales or ownership.

What is the “Renta-A-Drone” industry doing? Could it be that price point at the high end level is leading more and more people to rent and not buy?

Have you guys seen the new DJI Mavic 2?

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