The Realistic Cost of Home Charging BMW i3

Let’s assume you have a normal tariff with a national energy supplier like E.ON. This also includes a normal set up in a family home without economy 7. And let’s also assume, like most of us, you use more electricity during the day, so an economy 7 set up is not your best tariff, which is why you might not have it already. OK, so the normal cost includes a daily standard charge of 26.019p from the energy supplier, plus a 10.658p per kWh* standard charge.

If the i3 is run flat then a full charge is calculated to be 18.8kWh net battery capacity. Now let’s add all this together for our full charge cost.

26.019p + (10.658 per kWh x 18.8kWh capacity) makes a cost of £2.26 per charge.

Cost per mile can then be calculated £2.26 / 85 miles (minimum full range of i3) as £0.026 [2.6p per mile]
Therefore the annual mileage running cost of your i3 can be:

30,000 miles: £780
20,000 miles: £520
10,000 miles: £260 (average mileage)
8,000 miles: £208
5,000 miles: £130

*Energy prices vary all the time (published by E.ON 1-year fixed until 2017 (v19)). Please visit your tariff and substitute the figures to get your costs.

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