The most useful app for EV drivers

Hi fellow EV drivers,

I’m part of a startup being incubated by YCombinator, and we are releasing the beta version of the app that we are working on that will try to help EV drivers find chargers.
We are aggregating all public chargers and promoting a growing community of shared home chargers.
If you have used PlugShare, we are similar but we are aggregating real-time status from more public charging networks. For the home chargers, we have integrated in-app scheduling and peer to peer payment. We allow users to list their home charger and make a profit or offset their cost if they choose to.
Other differentiating features cannot be disclosed at the moment, but if you want early access and get heads up on what’s coming out, please join our founding users group on WhatsApp:

Our app will be called ampUp. As the name of the group suggests, you will help influence and shape the product for the future.

Soudns really nice, I should download it.