Tesla update, unions, hydrogen fuel cells and new competition

It has been a busy week for Tesla, as it always is, and while there are some challenges ahead the company seems well positioned to maximise its own strengths. So, what has been going on in the world of Tesla over the last week?

[B]Unions look to control Tesla assembly factory[/B]

Tesla has the only assembly factory in the US without union representation and it seems that the United Auto Workers union would like that to change. The union believes that with Tesla ramping up expectations in the short to medium term, producing up to 500,000 cars per annum, there is a need to protect the workforce. The company seems reluctant to let union representation impact the working relationship with those in the assembly factory but will Tesla be forced to give in?

UAW Pushes To Unionize Tesla Factory As Company Expectations Rise

[B]Tesla co-founder Marc Tarpenning attacks hydrogen fuel cells[/B]

Hydrogen fuel cells are the latest hot topic in the world of alternative transport and while many of the utility companies are supporting hydrogen fuel cells, not everybody is convinced. Tesla co-founder Marc Tarpenning has launched a scathing attack on the industry suggesting that hydrogen fuel cells are a “scam” and supported more for their inefficiencies as their efficiencies. While he no longer speaks for Tesla his recent podcast is certainly worth listening to!

Tesla co-founder says hydrogen fuel cells are a ‘scam’ | Electrek

[B]Mercedes-Benz to introduce 4 new EVs by 2020[/B]

While there is no doubt that Tesla has been the driving force behind the electric car industry it seems that many of the luxury car manufacturers are targeting the top end of the market. It is been announced that Mercedes-Benz will introduce four new electric vehicles by 2020 and while they will not be in the “mass-market” sector they will benefit from German government EV subsidies.

This is just the latest well-known company to target the electric vehicle market and put more pressure upon Tesla’s leading light Elon Musk. Can Tesla handle this intense pressure? Will competition push the company too far? Can Elon Musk deliver on all of his promises?

Mercedes-Benz set to release four EVs by 2020 | Autocar

[B]Volvo research and development director critical of Tesla autopilot[/B]

The research and development director of Volvo Dr Peter Mertens has joined the debate about the Tesla autopilot system. He actually said “Every time I drive (with autopilot switched on) I’m convinced it’s trying to kill me.” This will no doubt increase the tension between Tesla Motors and its competitors: –

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Tesla Autopilot is ‘trying to kill me’, says Volvo R&D chief

[B]Tesla fights back over suspension claims[/B]

Tesla Motors claims to have evidence that the vast majority of complaints about faulty suspension on the Tesla Model S were fraudulent (around 37 of the 40 complaints made to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). The company is concerned that individuals may well be trying to tarnish its image.

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Tesla, NHTSA come to terms over reports of faulty suspensions | afr.com

[B]Tesla Model X UK price and launch date announced[/B]

Tesla has announced the UK price and launch date for the Tesla Model X. Before tax incentives the basic price is £71,900 although there will be finance available. The first UK sales are forecast for “late 2016” and electric car enthusiasts await the actual launch with great anticipation.

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Tesla Model X UK prices and release date revealed, starting from £67,100

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It has been reported that Tesla Motors has signed a non-binding deal with Chinese government-owned Jinqiao Group to build a $9 billion production factory in China. Quite why the deal has been released to the press despite being “non-binding” is a mystery along similar lines to the recent flurry of Tesla Model 3 deposits which are seemingly refundable.

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Tesla signs $9 billion agreement to build factory in China, report says

Tesla has been accused of hiding news of fatal crash involving its autonomous driving system ahead of a $2 billion share sale. The company is believed to have been made aware of the fatal crash on 7 May but chose not to release this news to the wider press until 30 June. The $2 billion stock placing took place 11 days after the fatal crash although the company has today confirmed that the government was made aware of the issue on the 7th May.

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Musk brushes off legendary reporter over fatal Tesla crash; it’s ‘not material’

Can Tesla cope with increased demand?

Last quarter Tesla produced in excess of 18,000 vehicles, a 20% increase on the previous quarter, but only delivered 14,370. There are growing concerns that excessive demand for the company’s much sought after vehicles are putting pressure on production. Will Tesla be able to meet demand in the longer term?

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Tesla Faces Trouble Meeting Customer Expectations | US News

It has certainly been an interesting week for Tesla Motors with the company now facing the U.S. Senate after an investigation by the federal government into the company’s autopilot system was announced. It will be interesting to see what Elon Musk has to say when he appears as the CEO of the company and what questions he will face from the Senate.

Full article available here:-

Tesla urged to brief Senate committee on fatal Autopilot crash | The Verge

It was interesting to hear that Tesla is in talks to open the company’s first store in Korea’s biggest shopping mall. As the company looks to connect directly with potential customers and “educate the public on electric vehicles” this could be a major development in the company’s long-term growth ambitions.

Full story available here:-

Tesla in Talks for Store in Korea

What is the big secret that Elon Musk is keeping under wraps? Will the creative chief executive officer pull yet another rabbit out of the bag as the company faces a raft of negative press comment in relation to its autopilot system? At this moment in time it is difficult to guess what Elon Musk is keeping under wraps but many believe it is a new vehicle for the Tesla range. Time will tell!

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