Tesla Signature Model X unveiled to the public

Tesla has become renowned as an electric car specialist in the area of speed and luxury. The unveiling of the next generation of Tesla Motors has caught many people by surprise with the Tesla Signature Model X now available to “Signature Model” reservation holders at a price which starts at $132,000. Yes, while much of the talk has been of an affordable electric vehicle to add to the Tesla range it seems the company has now introduced the most luxurious of luxury vehicles.

[B]What does the Tesla Signature Model X offer?[/B]

The price range starts at $132,000 and depending upon add-ons you could pay up to $144,000. The vehicle has range capacity of 240 miles per full charge and can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.8 seconds. The top speed has been clocked at 155 mph and while we await delivery of the first vehicle this is certainly another feather in the cap this ever growing company.

Those who cast their eyes on the Tesla Signature Model X will also notice the “Falcon Wing” rear doors which have built-in sensors to avoid accidents in confined spaces. There is also the added bonus of parking sensors, a blindspot warning together with automated emergency braking and heated side mirrors. Self parking, air suspension, satellite radio, three rows of seats and hot or cold seat heating are just some of the extras available today.

[B]Will this prove popular?[/B]

The early indications are that the Tesla Signature Model X is proving to be extremely popular amongst those privileged to place their orders first. The cost of the vehicle has certainly turned some heads but when you bear in mind the look, the design and the features available it is perhaps no surprise to learn of the price. The fact it will require a $40,000 deposit to get your name on the list is not something which will overly concern those interested in the vehicle.

While there is no doubt that Tesla is working on a low-priced affordable electric vehicle for the mass market, the introduction of the Tesla Signature Model X is yet another step forward at the higher end. We have seen an array of celebrities championing the cause of Tesla over the last few weeks and this new vehicle is certainly something which will attract that particular crowd. The company has done its homework, designed the car from start to finish and is set to start delivering very soon.

[B]What next?[/B]

As we touched on above, Tesla has made great play of its plans to introduce an affordable mass-market electric car which will maintain a very strong Tesla branding. We await completion of this particular project with anticipation because this could be the car which changes the whole future of not only Tesla but the electric vehicle market. There has been talk of new competitors to Tesla although in reality the company has invested enormous amount of money to give it a very strong and competitive base.

Elon Musk is the kind of guy who thrives on competition - will he have any sleepless nights? We don’t think so…………

Having secured the middle/high end of the EV market it seems that Tesla is now looking to lock-down the top end and have a real push at the lower/middle end. Interesting times ahead.