T2 controller programming file 353T2.mdb?

I have seen this mentioned as the correct file for T2 programming, but I don’t have it. Does anyone have it or are you using something else?

I think I might have scrounged up one. Let me look

I’ve got it but the forum software is getting smarter and won’t let me post with a different extension.
Link shared via PM

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I got it, thank you…

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@dougl can you please pm me the file too? I’m looking for the 353T2.mbd definitions file as well.

Thanks in advance!!

Ditto please @dougl as i am still learning before i try to spend money on programming equipment.

@LithiumGods or maybe you have it handy still and could pass it along? Gonna be setting up my T2 in a few days here and could sure use it.


what is your email? I can Google drive share it

I found it thatnks! sent @jonbbrew a link as well