T1 ReProgram for less speed

After adding @Inwo voltage spoof went for a test drive. Holy cow way faster, so much so I have a new error code after flooring it down my cul de sac, Error 76, cart stayed powered on, didn’t even notice till I went to turn around and no throttle. Flipped key off and back on cleared it.

I know I changed the field strengthening option along with a few for increased regen breaking, but can’t recall the rest and lost my file where I was tracking the differences along with my programming password.

Anyone willing to share their T1 settings or what factory settings are? Worried I may beat it to hard and push it to far and blow something if I don’t dial it back down lol.



-76 is over voltage on regen to protect system from extreme high voltage.

Thanks! Is there anyway to bypass that? Seems if I get up to speed and let off gas after a full charge it happens and need to turn key off and back on.

Thanks M@

Possibly by removing regen.

So checking controller settings I set voltage to 80 at some point for some reason. Set it back to 72 and hasn’t happened again. Need to charge back up and retest but so far hasn’t happened again.

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