Stelan EVO New Neighborhood Electric Vehicle

Hi Forum,
My name is Steve Langford CEO of Stelan EVO, thank you for having us here, we are manufacturers of Light Electric Vehicles, we are launching our producsts, these are producing them in Texas and North Mexico for both markets, I hope to enjoy and learn a lot from all the community

That is an interesting vehicle. Looks like an electric reverse tuk tuk. Can you provide us more information on them?
Primary Purpose?
Control systems?
Voltage? Ah?

Thank you, we have two models: 3RS (3 people, Rechargeable and Solar Charge) and 1RSC (one person, rechargeable, Solar and cargo) as those pics show

Both are fully electric, with built-in charger so just plug it to any standard outlet with a standard extension cord (one provided with every vehicle) or just leave it exposed to the sun light, it has 200 watts of solar panel power on the roof and it charges fully in about 8 - 10 hours with the sun light or 6 hours plugged in,
They have a range of 40-50 miles per charge and a max speed of 35mph
they weight 300 lbs (150kg) and have a cargo capacity of 600lbs (300 kg)
Motor is a 3-phase geared planetary transmission (automatic) 1.2 kw, 52v lithium 50 ah battery, independent suspension, forward and reverse, hydraulic disc brakes, gps speedometer, automatic solar controller, LED headlights, rear lights, stop light and signal lights, horn, electronic throttle, aluminum wheels DOT and 3.5x10" DOT tires, All controls are on the handlebar so people with knee or leg problems can drive them easily, the Reverse/forward switch and main ignition key are on the dashboard.

3RS is designed for neighborhood, apartment complex, golf courts, etc, 1RSC is for maintenance, industry, construction fields or anything that requires moving stuff

These are available and are $6,500.00, plus shipping (shipping goes for 500-1000 depending how far you are from South Texas).

I hope I answered your questions and thanks for the inquire


First thought that popped into my head too Mike.

For the OP, how are the vehicles classified by the US DOT? Are they street legal & licensable? Or being sold as electric bicycles?

You are rights, categorized As electric bicycles for now as we are working to get them approved, they come with seatbelts, lights, etc,