Selling 91 ev mr2

hi everyone-
i have a 91 Toyota mr2 electric car for sale. this car is in excellent condition.
its a 5 speed.
i have absolutely no knowledge on electric cars, and acquired this car after it was converted.
i do not believe it has even been driven since it was converted, but don’t quote me on this.
It came with an owners manual that says “Home of the Zilla” on the front.
i cannot tell you much more, as the whole thing confuses me but if you would like more info, reply to this and ill do my best to answer your questions.
I do know that it has the option of charging it with either 220, or 110w and has both cords. (inside the gas door) .
there are no batteries. i can email or text pics upon request
thanks !

Where is the car located?

How much?