Ruff n tuff batteries

I have a 09 ruffntuff hunter 4x4. How much drive time will i loose switching to flooded batteries

What do you mean? New batteries should be better, no?

Interstate or East Penn manufactured?

What i mean is the original batteries were 8 volt agm 230 ah. I was wanting to know how much drive time i will loose switching to a flooded battery lead battery with 170ah ?

Probably going to use crown or trojan

You guys are going to make me do it …
60ah less…lol

If both sets of batteries were new (just so measurements were equal) you would get about 1/4 less distance on the flooded batteries.

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Thank you for the info

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But why go backwards? Saving money?
Suggest you use about a 100 ah nmc battery. About a 2:1 advantage over lead and little more money.
Depending on where you are test drive one and see if it’s big enough.
You can get a 1p14s SDI for around $1750

Sam 14s nema