Private messages

Wish that I could stick this on the top.

I find myself posting the same answer in pm too often.
Going forward most questions will be made public. I will try to delete private information and prices. If you need something deleted, ask.

If there are ethical problems or this is rude, let me know. Iā€™m often clueless! :slight_smile:


Iā€™m doing the same thing . Most private how to questions should go public so others can learn . Unless of course someone is paying me my $100/Hr consulting fee then I will keep it private . :wink:

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I agree, I try to search the post 1st but sometimes it is buried deep.
As for consulting fees, I try to never give my clients my cell phone. Doctors, Lawyers and a few others would call me in the middle of the night for answers to their questions. I finally set my phone to quite time 10pm to 7am