Posting Images

We have had complaints about the inability to post pictures.

1 Jpg format works good. Reduce the size of your pictures to the 640 X 480 range

2 If using Photo Bucket as your host:

                                a.  Copy and paste the address

                                b.  Cursor to the beginning of the address

                                c.   Delete [URL=   or anything else prior to  http

To down load an image from your computer:

1 Go advanced

2 Click on Manage Attachments

3 Follow the directions.

This will insert a thumbnail in your post which members can click on to see picture full size.

Message me if this doesn’t work.


Hey Rodney:
Trying to include some pics on my recent post. However, unable to even get to step “1. Go Advanced”. Any hints?

Please disregard previous query as I’ve been enlightened.