Our cross-country eco-video adventure

Hi everyone,

We’re planning a cross-country eco-video project for next May/June, where we’ll be visiting renewable energy sites and interviewing people who have made impacts in sustainability. Our goal is to distribute our video profiles to schools nationally and online, with the mission of inspiring and empowering kids to create a renewable and sustainable future. Our award-winning videos have now been seen by over 200,000 - the power of the internet! Our 9-year-old son Carrick will be doing the narrating and interviews. This project is our attempt to bring the message of sustainability to a much wider audience.

Among the stops we’ll be making, we’re visiting Aptera, Tesla Motors, Zenn Motors, Poulsen Hybrid, and GM (Volt).

The website for our cross-country video project is www.OurRenewableNation.org, where you can find a map and list of destinations, plus you can subscribe to our weekly project blog.

It is critical to the success of our project that we spread the word! If you could take a minute and forward the above info via email or blogs to the people you know, it would really help to support our project and mission.

email: OurRenewableNation@gmail.com