Nissan Hypermini Tires

I’m trying to source a set of Nissan Hypermini EV front tires.

They are a 145/65R14 and I can not find them for sale in North America. I have a request in to my local Nissan dealer, but I doubt they will find anything.

Anyone know where I can source these tires or at least find what make model the OEM ones were?

Perhaps someone has some high res photo’s of the tires so I can make out the writing on the sidewalls?

Thanks kindly,


I’ve contacted and they have given me the contact as they do not have the info.

Again, if anyone has any high res photos of the Nissan Hypermini, perhaps I can make it out from there.


has anyone ever seen one of these in North America? There were supposed to be a small number of them in California for lease by Nissan…