New Pragmatism of Vehicle Industry

New pragmatism should be adopted by small and medium company in this special period of economic depression, considering both self survival and social

New pragmatism is an optimistic living style which caters to the mass. Products’ price advantage, reliability, safety and high cost-effectiveness will be given top priority.
Affected by financial crisis, people become more cautions on consumption, especially of some luxuries. While on the contrary, many products with low price but high quality are catch the fancy of people. It is doubtlessly that new pragmatism would be a steady and reliable choice for those companies who seek for a new outlet for their products.
What’s more, it will lead to a more healthy consumption concept and meet the need of sustainable development of the society. It is equally a good choice for electric vehicle industry

The new thought can be embodied on several aspects:
First: Manufacture popular, safe, reliable as well as best cost-effective vehicle, while on the other hand, we can’t completely ignore other aspects like outlook, quality and performance to merely pursue its practical use. We should keep step with the new trend to promote more best selling products. Not only the original design comes from the expert hand but each accessory is in detailed calculation in terms of cost, quality and cost-effectiveness, in order to finally reduce the cost price and thus bring maximum benefit to the customers.

Second, adhere to the development theory of “talent plus strategy plus tactics”. In view of the existing economy decline, we should positively faces the challenge of market instead of merely waiting for a favorable turn of the market. We should immediately carry out action, guided with accurate countermeasures to response to the current market.

Much effort should be made in aspects of talent, weapon and tactics, based on the existed strategies. On talents, enough confidence should be built, in weapons, we should instantly enhance the strength on quality and service of the products. While on strategy, we should specify the market and formulate different strategies toward different markets

In current situation, there are challenges as well as opportunities. The opportunities we should seize are the market re-arrangement out of the enterprises as well as an excellent inner development environment. Thus we should fasten the development step to begin a new phase of development.

It is not so important of the situation, even the competitive environment than a quick response. For the vehicle industry, the journey of the new pragmatism is just beginning.