New Here, question on body parts

I just purchased a 2005 e4 and need the rear fender and maybe the front hood. Question do e2 fenders and hoods fit an e4 if the years are similar?

Yes a E2 hood and rear fender will fit on a E4

The early cars 2000-2003 all had a different rear fender then what you need you need a rear fender from a 2004+ car

Nev acessories. Com sells new replacment hoods

I am looking at a parts car GEM, the owner does not know the year it was made as the VIN has been removed. He did measure the width of the rear fender and said it is about 52", Unfortunately my e4 is at our vacation home and I cannot measure it. Does anyone know if there is any other differences than the width? I think the parts car is older as the hood does not have the hole for the charger.

Ask him if the display above the steering wheel is a small round gauge or a big square screen. 2004 and prior had the small round gauge.

2004 and prior also had 2 batteries in the front over the motor.

Probably the easiest two ways to check that I can think of offhand.

Yes they do…

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Could someone send the wiring diagram for 2007 GEM E4 please?

Thank you in advance