Neutered 2008 GEM

Hard for me living in NE Ohio to imagine any GEM NOT qualifying for “low mileage”. I’m jealous if you could get into high mileage territory.


Al I was shocked when I got the form from State Farm asking how many miles I drive the GEM… was it under 5000 a year or maybe it was 8000 which ever I have both cars insured to get the cheapest rate… I wrote back saying I only had a range of 30 miles on the GEM car on a good day and had never gone that far… most days were 10 miles… 15 on some days and 15 would put 5400 that’s 360 days… maybe the should note it’s an NEV/LSV

Yea, I got one of those too from State Farm. I had a hearty laugh and filled in their form and sent it back and haven’t heard anything since. Probably just because they don’t know what a GEM really is!

eS GEM CoLo, (How the heck did this get changed to posting about insurance?)

In a land far away along time ago, I was a certified engine, transmission/driveline & 12 volt tech. In retirement I putzed with 12V Marine electric until I got almost as old as the “[U]Really[/U] Old Houseboater”, and my back gave out. Its now much too hard for me to pull wires upside down under a I.B. and change transmissions or stand doing bench work. But I can read the posts here and tell who really knows what their talking about or just blowing smoke up our posterior’s.

This GEM stuff is new to me and I do appreciate the experience that a few here do have. But unfortunately a large amount of data here on this forum concerns the antiquated first and second generation cars. But, this seems to be the only game in town. I’m happy that more data on 2005 and later cars is starting to appear here.

The magnets do control the speedometer. On a 2008 Gem, if you exceed 25 via the speedometer that’s all your going to do, even if you have a capable 40 mph car. The speedometer reads over 25. You’ll hit a wall on more speed. And you can not modify the magnet on a 2008 car.

Hence, on older cars, buying modified magnets in half allow you to put the pedal to the metal and your balls to the firewall, on the older tin lizzie first/second generation cars this is easy to do. According to a Chrysler Gem dealer and Ride4Fun & giveusS$$ the magnets can not be modified in my 2008 and I must buy a new motor. They now can “flash” the controller allowing the speedo to give actual millage (for $275 more). I have yet to talk to Marlon to verify this situation on my 2008. I would like to change my gearing to a lower ratio also. For me it would be easyer to just get the the Ride4Fun motor but its only .5 stronger than my 7.0 stock motor. But my motor will not spin the rpm’s (6k) that the Ride4$$ will. That’s the “short” story… This is starting to cut into my boating/fishing budget.