Motor upgrades none typical

Can we just upgrade to a different motor?
I don’t think any of the Gem specific retailers actually produce there own motors.
I think they just put a sticker on some larger companies eletric engine.
The gem car market is not large enough for any small business/website to manufacture there own eletric motors.

The motors on pool pumps are very similar and only about three companies make all of the eletric pool pump motors. The pool pump market is properly over 1 million times larger then the Gem car eletric motor market but almost everyone uses the same electric motor.

My question is who makes the 7.5hp eletric motor that is rebranded for use in our gem cars?

I see deals on eletric motors very often are there specs that I need to verify before purchase.

I believe most, if not all, motors in GEMs are General Electric. I would think that if the electrical specs and mechanical specs are the same on some A. O Smith motors, you could use one of them.

My question is does Smith make their motors or are they just re branded GEs?


Every GEM I have worked on was GE. 2004 and prior are US production. 2005 and newer are China. RFF did inform me that their aftermarket motor is US production.


So what GE motors are compatible with our Gem cars?
I assume that the motors have to be used in other applications.



This is a 12 hp GE motor.
It is sold as an upgrade for EZGO golf carts.
It is sold for 36v and a different model sold for 48v golf carts.
These require a controller upgrade to work in the EZGO golf carts.

I don’t fully understand the job of the controller but can a GEM controller be setup to work with this motor?

I have found many of these golf cart upgrade motors for good prices just seeing if it is a feasible solution.


Given that the GEM is a 72v system, I think you’d be into major engineering work with swapping out of controllers, etc.

The motor voltage must match the sum battery voltage. The motor controller, also made by GE, works by rapidly turning the power to the motor on and off to create a lower average voltage when not at full load.


I drove my 2002 gem car for the first time today it seems more then fast enough for my needs. I have not loaded it with 4 people yet but it seems quick enough for just me.